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Winston Rowe & Associates utilizes a best efforts approach to perform the necessary non investment initial due diligence review and advisory services pursuant to their proposed general terms and conditions as detailed in the Winston Rowe & Associates executed Letter of Interest, which supersedes the contents of this website, blogs, forms. third party links, tweets and press releases.

Please note; Winston Rowe & Associates is not a direct lender.

We are a client direct non investment, initial due diligence review, advisory and consulting firm.

We do not work with brokers or consultants.

If you are not a principle or employee of the company seeking financing, please do not send us your proposed financing request.

We will not review it or consider you as a client.

The Winston Rowe and Associates Letter of Interest is not a commitment or promise to fund of your proposed financing request.

A completed Transaction Summary Questionnaire must be initialed and signed by the prospective client to be considered as a client of Winston Rowe & Associates.

Please carefully read the policies, processes and procedures on this page and within the links in this website, as well as review the Transaction Summary Questionnaire instructions before submitting a proposed transaction for consideration.

The ensuing processes, procedures and policies are subject to change at any time without notice.


Winston Rowe & Associates non investment advisory, consulting and initial due diligence review is a client driven process, it's important that you submit all of the required supporting document in a very timely manner.

Winston Rowe & Associates cannot make a guarantee or promise of any kind that your proposed request for financing will be successful, because the final determination is made by the capital source(s).

Winston Rowe & Associates utilizes a best efforts approach, completely relaying on the clients representation of the material facts of the proposed financing request.

Your transaction will never fund if you do not provide all of the requested (required) supporting documents and information in the correct format or misrepresent the material facts of the proposed transaction.

Prospective clients can obtain a sample list of supporting documents to review in the Application Page (contact us) of this web site and in the email signature of

Prospective client's must request a transaction summary, from Winston Rowe & Associates that must be initialed and signed and submitted via email in a PDF format.

Upon receipt of the transaction summary, the ensuing steps are an overview of the non investment advisory, consulting and initial due diligence process.

Please note; private equity transactions require different engagement and due diligence procedures.

Step 1 Transaction Summary:

Upon receipt of the transaction summary questionnaire, the material facts as presented by the client will be reviewed by Winston Rowe & Associates.

If the proposed transaction, based on the information as provided within the Transaction Summary Questionnaire submitted by the client appears to meet Winston Rowe & Associates capital source(s) financing criteria that may be available from time to time.

Step 2 Processing & Initial Due Diligence Review:

Winston Rowe & Associates will schedule a call with the client to review and verify the material facts as presented by the prospective client and then provide to the prospective client a list of supporting documentation needed (required) to begin the initial due diligence review (our work product).

At this time, the client will be placed under contract (Letter of Interest) with Winston Rowe & Associates. Said Letter of Interest supercedes the contents of this website.

This Letter of Interest is not a commitment or promise to fund your proposed financing request.

This will enable Winston Rowe & Associates to proceed with their non investment advisory, consulting and initial due diligence review for the proposed transaction.

Please note; Winston Rowe & Associates utilizes a global approach for the initial due diligence.

This approach includes the review of all business and personal financial documents and credit.

When all of the required (requested) supporting documentation has been submitted to Winston Rowe & Associates, they will begin the non investment consulting, advisory and initial due diligence review to prepare the proposed financing request for the capital sources(s) underwriting at their sole discretion.

Please note; the proposed financing request will not be submitted to the capital source until all of the requested documentation has been provided.

The clock does not start until All of the supporting documents have been submitted, hence every day is Day One of the initial due diligence.

At the sole discretion of Winston Rowe & Associates, if it is found that there is any material fact misrepresentation of the transaction.

The transaction will be terminated at Winston Rowe & Associates sole discretion.

Step 3 Submissions To The Capital Source(s) For Underwriting:

Once Winston Rowe & Associates completes the initial due diligence of the proposed transaction it will be formally submitted at Winston Rowe & Associates sole discretion to the pre-determined capital source(s) for underwriting and potential funding.

During the pre-determined capital source(s) underwriting phase of the proposed transaction, if it is found that there is any material fact misrepresentation of the transaction by the client’s.

The transaction will be terminated, without cause.

Winston Rowe & Associates may require additional supporting documentation.

Step 4 Commitment Documents, Reports & Loan Closing:

Upon completion of underwriting the pre-determined capital sources will issue general terms and conditions defined within a Letter of Interest or conditional commitment documents.

The client will be placed in direct contact with the capital source to finalize the transaction.

Once the proposed transaction has completed underwriting; property reports are then ordered.

These reports are paid for, prior to funding by the client which include; appraisals, surveys and studies. Report types vary according to real estate type.

When the necessary property reports are completed. The title work is ordered and a closing is scheduled.

Please note; it is the capital source that makes the final determination pursuant to the successful funding of your propsoed financing request. Not Winston Rowe and Associates.

Winston Rowe & Associates also provides non investment consulting, advisory services, and professional due diligence  in the following states.

Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, GeorgiaIdaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, MaineMaryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia,   Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming


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