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There are how to investing articles about; mortgage calculations, structuring commercial real estate loan proposals, and directories of commercial banks, private equity groups and hedge funds. 

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Small Balance Commercial Lending

Hard Money For Apartment Buildings

Hotel Motel Financing

Office Building Lending

Commercial Mortgages Shopping Malls

Commercial Bridge Loans

Commercial Real Estate Financial Formulas Explained: 

Financial Metrics Used For Apartment Building Acquisition

Commercial Mortgage Ratios Explained For Business Loan Underwriting

Loan to Cost & Loan to Value Definition 

How to Value Commercial Property Using Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM) Formula 

How to Analyze A Commercial Real Estate Investment 

Debt Service Ratio Calculation Explained 

Commercial Property Financial Analysis 

How To Analyze A Commercial Real Estate Transaction 

Net Income Multiplier (NIM) Explained 

Rent Per Sq Ft Calculations 

CMBS Loans Explained

Commercial Mortgage Due-Diligence and Underwriting:

Things to Consider When Applying For a Commercial Loan

Types of Commercial Real Estate Loans Programs

The Basics of Commercial Loan Due Diligence

Commercial Loan Due-Diligence & Underwriting

Guide to Refinancing a Commercial Mortgage

Guide to Financing & Buying A Business

Commercial Real Estate Loan Check List

How to Process a Commercial Loan

Six Core Due-Diligence & Underwriting Fundamentals Used By CRE Lenders

Underwriting Commercial Loans

How to Invest in Commercial Real Estate:

Six Tips for Beginner Real Estate Investing

Description of Commercial Lender Types

Biggest Mistakes When Applying for a Business Loan

4 Key Factors to Qualify For a Commercial Loan

Buying & Holding Real Estate Strategies

Private Capital and Hard Money Bridge Loans Explained:

Understanding Commercial Bridge Loans

Hard Money Commercial Loans Defined

What Is Hard Money and How to Apply For It

How Commercial Bridge Loans Work

Private Money Commercial Mortgage Loans Explained

What Is Private Equity

Strategies for Getting a Hard Money Loan

Financing Requirements for a Commercial Bridge Loans

What Is Commercial Real Estate Bridge Financing

How to Structure a Commercial Bridge Loan 

Small Business Administration (SBA) Loans:

SBA Loan Fundamentals

Small Business Administration Loans Explained

SBA 7a Hotel Loans & Mortgages Investors Guide  

How To Invest In Assisted Living Facilities:

How to Buy and Finance Assisted Living Facilities

Commercial Real Estate Listing Sites:

CIMLS: National online Commercial real estate listing service - Free Registration

Loopnet: Nationwide commercial real estate search engine

Showcase: Commercial property search engine

Zillow: Commercial and residential property valuation search engine

Trulia: Commercial and residential property valuation search engine

Commercial Mortgage, Private Equity, Hedge Fund Directories:

Private Equity & Hedge Fund Directory

Hard Money Lender Directory

Hedge Fund Directory

Hedge Fund Association

Directory of Private Money Lenders

FDIC Directory of Banks - United States of America

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