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Winston Rowe and Associates is paid a fee for its non-investment consulting, due diligence and advisory services, which is a percentage of the gross financing amount pursuant to the executed Letter of Interest with Winston Rowe & Associates.

The ensuing company policies, services and products are subject to change at any time without notice.

This is paid from escrow at closing; Winston Rowe & Associates does not charge upfront fees.

Winston Rowe & Associates consulting, due diligence and advisory practice works with a number of banks,  private investors, capital sources and hard money private lenders that do in some cases charge fees for updated; reports, surveys, appraisals, engineering and legal fees as part of their normal course of business and pursuant to their corporate policies.

If a client’s reporting requirements are current, then generally there are no fees charged to the client in advance.

These costs and fees are paid directly to the said entities, not to Winston Rowe & Associates.

Furthermore Winston Rowe & Associates is not paid a portion or percentage of costs or fees paid to a capital source(s) except Winston Rowe & Associates agreed upon consulting fee from escrow.

Disclaimer & Notification of Company Name

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